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PORO COLLEGE DIPLOMA -- The Freeman Institute Black History Collection owns an extremely rare 1927 Poro College diploma with a strong Annie M. Turnbo-Malone signature on it. By the way, finding a genuine "Aniie Malone" signature is extremely difficult.

This diploma was for "Scalp and Hair Treatment, and Beauty Culture" -- earned by Claretta Sanders from New Bern, NC.

This is a limited edition 16" x 20" reproduction, along with a gold seal...embossed with the Poro College corporate seal (established 1900).

This is a one-of-a-kind way to connect with the first female African American millionaire in the United States. Annie trained over 75,000 women entrepreneurs. An inspiration to all of us.

This is a frameable piece of history. Every hair care salon and barbershop in the country needs this hanging on the wall. A unique gift...



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